My journey as a blessing ambassador began at the age of fifty when I read The Power of Blessing book written by Terry and Melissa Bone.[1]  I discovered that God had intended for words of blessing (family blessings) to be spoken into my life that I had not yet received. Realizing that it was not too late for me to recover these spoken blessings was a real game changer.

This truth may very well become a game changer for you as well—Spoken family blessings are a birthright gift from your heavenly Father, and its never too late to recover your blessing birthright!

Your birthright blessing is the spoken words of empowerment that God designed for you to receive at pivotal stages of your life, starting from conception. While some blessings in the Bible are conditional, your birthright of spoken blessing isn’t.  As it was for Adam at creation, you qualify for this kind of blessings just because you are human.

Recovering my blessing birthright has freed me to celebrate my personhood as the beloved daughter of God, chosen and honorable in His sight.

My Baskin Robbins Story

I love to share my Baskin Robbins story because it’s one of the first bold things I did to celebrate the person God made me to be, and on the journey of learning to own my God-given significance.

It was my birthday and I wanted to do something just for me. An ice cream cake felt just right, so on my way from work I popped into the Baskin Robbins close to home. The perfect cake was waiting for me—pralines and cream.

The server asked if I wanted a special message written on the cake. Fully expecting me to say yes, she reached for her pen and paper.

“Sure. Happy Birthday to Me.”

She froze and looked up at me. “Oh! You don’t have anyone to buy you a birthday cake?” Her eyes were full of compassion and concern.

“Of course. I do. ME!” With hands crossed over my chest, I joyfully continued. “I am buying the birthday cake for ME.”

This time around, her eyes registered shock, but she proceeded to write anyway.

Leaving the store, I could feel her eyes following me until I was out of sight. I suspected she must have thought that I was a little “off” but it didn’t matter one bit. The courage to be myself had won . . . I was happy!

At home, my family was just as confused and shocked.  

The most beautiful part of this experience was sensing, with every mouthful, the presence of my Daddy, Abba Father, eating ice cream with me. He was delighted that I was finally learning to celebrate the person He had made me to be.


What’s Your Celebration Score?

“You are worth celebrating.”

On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you respond to this statement?  [1- Don’t agree. 5-Strongly agree].

Before recovering my blessing birthright, my score would have been at the lower end of the scale. Having the favor of my Heavenly Father conferred on my identity and destiny changed everything.

There’s always room for improving our celebration scores, and spoken blessings of empowerment are a great score booster.

I wrote the book, Recover Your Blessing Birthright: Transforming Lives and Culture with the Gift of Words to fulfill a commission from the Holy Spirit. It will take you through your own blessing recovery journey and release you on the other side as a blessing ambassador ready to pay it forward—Because you are blessed to be a blessing!

I bless you as of this day to recover every spiritual blessing that you have already been blessed with in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. (Genesis 1: 28; Ephesians 1:3)


Marva Tyndale, Recover Your Blessing Birthright

Terry and Melissa Bone, The Family Blessing Guidebook

[1] Republished as “The Family Blessing Guidebook: Everything you need to know to have a blessed family.” I.D. Ministries, 2012

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