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Ready. Set. Not Yet!: Secrets for Teens about Sex (Paperback: 2022)


Break the Silence!

In a highly sexualized society and culture, young people can feel overwhelmed with temptation, pressure, and conflicting messages. Ready. Set. Not Yet! reaches teens by building a bridge that breaks the silence between older and younger generations. Using the metaphor of a champion sprinter in the starting blocks awaiting the start of a race, Ready. Set. Not Yet! presents unique, relevant, and refreshing perspectives.

- Provides an oasis of hope beyond the usual teachings on "sexual purity," which often seems out of reach.

- Helps teens discover the spiritual mysteries God had in mind when He invented sex. These mysteries and other "secrets" give young people compelling reasons to pursue sexual wholeness.

- Presents an authentic and welcoming tone that creates a safe place for young men and women to explore their feelings, uncertainties and life goals.

Reflection questions, practical ideas, prayer tools, and a wealth of scripture make Ready. Set. Not Yet! a valuable resource for teens, parents, and youth workers.

911HOPE (CD: 2016)


Your spiritual emergency prayer training. This resource equips you as a “First Responder” with prayers at your fingertips for critical needs such as spiritual heart transformation, sound mental health, and trouble with the law.

Prayer Therapy for Brain-Mind-Heart Renewal


This 15-Track CD is loaded with insightful information and divine power for the spiritual care of the brain. This is critical for you to enter into the full expression of who God created you to become. You will access levels of transformation you have longed to experience.

Keeping Our Hope Alive


This book equips you as a Hopekeeper Warrior who uses divine intervention strategies to prepare the way for God to restore our young people whose lives may be spinning out of control.

Breaking Negative Family Patterns: Destroying the Tap Root of Occult Covenants


This resource package includes 2 DVDs and 1 CD. From this conference teaching and prayers, you will learn how to dissolve and replace occult/ancestral covenants with the New Covenant in the Blood of Jesus.

Breaking Negative Family Patterns: Uprooting Sexual Iniquity


This resource package includes 2 DVDs: Youth Encounter and Adult Conference. From this series, you will understand what sexual iniquity is and recognize the symptoms. You will also engage in strategic prayers to root out iniquity from your family tree and break negative cycles.

Recover Your Blessing Birthright


Recover the empowering words of blessings that God intended you to receive for a fulfilling journey through life. Also develop the spiritual art of blessing your life, your family and wider community with the gift of your words.

Living Free from Distorted Identities


This resource package includes 2 CDs with teachings on five common types of identity distortions, plus insights for discovering and getting to the real you.


Other Recommended Resources

The following books by Rosie Watson support RIDM’s mission of spiritual advocacy on behalf of the next generation.


Rosie Watson has been following the Lord for over forty-eight years and carrying out His calling on her life as an intercessor. She is an octogenarian in her eighty-sixth year, a retired nurse, a mother and a grandmother.

For His Name Sake


An inspiring journey that will motivate and empower you to take your family mountain for your generations to walk in God’s covenant blessings. You will also be challenged to become the agent of change God created you to be, and to possess your spiritual inheritance of sonship.

Give Me Your Son


In the midst of these challenging times, the only safe place for our children is in the hands of God. The testimonies in this book will inspire you to do from the heart the most loving thing that a parent could ever do for a child. A quick read into a bold step of faith on behalf of the next generation.