Dedicated to restoring the culture and lifestyle of spoken blessings

“It is my premise that much of the iniquity that is passed from generation to generation is a result of verbal abuse…if it through the tongue that we were cursed, then I believe that it is through the tongue that blessing and healing with come.” —Aaron Früh

Introducing the Culture of Spoken Blessings

Spoken or verbal blessings hold a prominent place in God’s original design for the wellbeing of all humanity. The first gift that God gave to humanity at creation was a spoken blessing. The Genesis creation account says that God created male and female in His image and blessed them with words of empowerment to fulfill their destiny. (See Genesis 1:27-28)

So, what is a spoken blessing?

A spoken blessing is intentional words that convey the empowerment to prosper in one’s identity and destiny. These words of blessing have the power to fill the recipient with a sense of love, dignity, legitimacy, significance, value and much more.

This kind of blessing is not earned. We qualify for it just because we are human beings. It is our birthright gift.

We are better prepared and more likely to successfully complete God’s ordained purpose for our lives when we receive spoken blessings at pivotal stages of our lives.

The spoken blessing has become a lost or forgotten art. However, the Heavenly Father is on a blessing revitalization campaign and we have the opportunity to be part of it.

Through His redemptive work on the Cross Jesus has made it possible for us to personally recover our missed birthright blessing. He has also made possible the restoration of the culture of spoken blessings in this and future generations. (See Galatians 3:13-14)

Ephesians 1:3
The Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, according to Ephesians 1:3. When we speak words of blessing, we are in essence bringing heaven’s provisions to the earth. On the other hand, when we pray, we are taking earth’s petitions to heaven. So, a spoken blessing is different from a prayer, but we need both in order to fully access all that God has in store for us.

We are delighted to provide you with resources that will enable you to recover your blessing birthright and become equipped for the mission of restoring the culture of spoken blessings.

Recover Your Blessing Birthright

Recover Your Blessing Birthright

Can you imagine a future where silence does not leave children to figure out who they really are and their purpose for being alive?

. . . a future where deep wounds inflicted by ill-spoken words are not left to fester and later erupt as emotional and physical violence?

. . . a future in which the mainstay of our lives, from the womb to the end of our days, is the spoken blessing that legitimizes our existence, anchors us in unconditional love, and imparts to us treasures of belonging, security, significance, value, dignity and so much more?

. . . a future where we live in a culture saturated with the power of the spoken blessing and we faithfully exercise our God-given authority as blessing ambassadors?

  • Discover the missing “something” that thoroughly satisfies hungry hearts.
  • Recover the family blessings that God intended you to receive to empower you for a fulfilling journey through life.
  • Receive the anointing of your heavenly Father’s Blessing Mantle.
  • Develop the spiritual art of blessing your life, your family and wider community with the gift of your words.
  • Be the agent of transformation that God has ordained you to become.

Bite-Size Blessing

With bite-size blessings that take less than a minute, you have an opportunity to release empowerment to others, especially the next generation.

Other Blessing Resources

These resources will further equip you to practice the lifestyle of spoken blessings.



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Click the link below for a sample blessing you can use to bless your prodigal sons and daughters. You can send this blessing via the spiritual airways if you do not have an opportunity to speak it in person. Words are spiritual entities so they are not bound by time or space.

Blessing Prodigal Sons and Daughters (click to download)