Purpose: Why am I here?

You will be greatly relieved to know that you do not have to create or invent your purpose. God preordained your purpose before your birth, and what He said in the fifth verse of Jeremiah chapter one is also true for you: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you…” While reconnecting with Creator God as your Source and Heavenly Father is the beginning of your personal identity discovery process, nurturing your relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ is the key to unveiling your purpose.

Get a clue

  • Your purpose fits uniquely into the larger 2-fold purpose for which God created humankind–to reflect God and represent His interests on the earth.
  • Be aware that the process by which your purpose unfolds often involves embracing new opportunities and new beginnings.
  • Explore the motivational gifts described in Romans 12:6-8 to identify the area(s) in which God has invested gifts in you to represent Him.
  • Do an inventory of your talents, skills, and abilities.
  • Ponder these questions and journal your thoughts as they are clues to your purpose:
    • What do I dream of becoming or doing someday?
    • What have godly people told me that I do well?
    • What do I feel passionate about seeing changed, fixed, or improved?
    • What things am I best at and have the most success doing?
    • What type of work would I enjoy if money were not an issue?
    • What people groups do I have a passion to serve?
  • Your passion, as well as your pain, are a clue to your purpose.
  • Prayerfully ask God to reveal His purpose to you.  Here’s a prayer to get you started: “Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the wonderful purpose you had in mind when you created me. I ask for your light to shine on my path and reveal the hidden things concerning my purpose. Help me to advance steadily toward the good plans you have for my life.  Amen”

Scripture Resource
[biblegateway passage=”Ephesians 2:10″]
[biblegateway passage=”Jeremiah 29:11-13″]
[biblegateway passage=”Proverbs 3:5-6″]
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Recommended Reading
Dr. Myles Munroe, The Pursuit of Purpose
Dr. J. Victor Eagan and Catherine B. Eagan, How to Discover Your Purpose in 10 Days: God’s Path to a Full and Satisfied Life

Recommended Course
A Theology of Purpose available through Kingdom Bible Training Center – www.kingdombible.net