Potential: What is my ability?

You have not yet become all that you can be.” – Mufasa (The Lion King movie)

The capacity and value of any product are based on the material from which it is made, by whom it is made, where and how it is made. Designer and specialty products are sold at a premium for this reason. Because you are the masterpiece of Creator God, and you originated in Him, God is the only true measure of your potential. This means you have the God-kind of potential.

You will remember that God created you as a three-part being: spirit, soul, and body. Your spirit, the eternal part of your being, determines your true potential. As one bearing the image of God, your spirit is designed with the potential to think, feel, act and relate to others with the God-kind of capacity.

Get a clue

  • Do not measure your potential by what you or others think about you; not even by your physical limitations, circumstances or experiences.
  • You will start understanding your potential as you set your heart to believe the truth about the Source from which you originated, embrace your God-given purpose, and celebrate the unique way in which God fashioned you to reflect Him.
  • Being connected to the Source from which you originated is the key to accessing, developing and releasing your potential because what is true of other species of creation is also true for you. As plants and seeds discover their latent power when planted in the soil, so will you when you stay connected to God, your Source, and Heavenly Father.
  • God’s way of revealing His hidden secrets to you is through His Holy Spirit communicating to your spirit as you cultivate a vital relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.
  • Use the power of your words to release faith in who God says you are and what He says you can do.
  • Mix your faith with action and take the necessary steps to explore, discover, and develop the potential that God has invested in you.

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