The Personal Identity Road Map (Road Map) is to you what a physical roadmap is to a driver. It will help you navigate your way on the journey to your destination of becoming the person God created you to be. It will also help you bridge the gap between where you are presently and where you want to be.

Your personal identity journey involves two key dimensions: becoming who God says you are and doing what God designed you to accomplish.

On your journey, you will explore seven Service Stops, each unlocked by a key question.  Your discoveries at each service stop build on each other and advance you toward the goal of realizing the greatness for which you were uniquely created.

Let’s begin the most liberating and rewarding journey of your life!


Where did I come from? You were born into a family through your parents, but your roots are in God. His divine love is the motivating force for your existence. Knowing where you come from is the only starting point to genuine fulfillment and satisfaction in your journey through life. 



Why am I here?  Before God even created the earth, He planned for you to be alive at this time to fulfill a unique purpose. Your purpose is at the center of your identity discovery process. You cannot truly know yourself until you discover your purpose and unlock the greatness within you.



How am I fashioned? Although others may have talents and abilities that are similar to yours, no other person is exactly like you. You are an original work of art, carefully and intricately fashioned to fit your individual purpose. You are God’s masterpiece.



What is my ability? You are capable of becoming greater and doing more because God has deposited treasures in you that are waiting to be accessed and developed. This is an essential truth to take with you on your personal identity journey.



How do I see myself? God has created you with the capacity for both spiritual and natural vision. Spiritual vision is insight. With insight you have the ability to clearly see as God sees. This kind of vision is the most important gift God has given you for the fulfillment of your purpose. 



Am I releasing my potential for greatness? Productivity is the delivery system of your real identity. It is the expression and experience of who you really are. Productivity means you are purposefully releasing and displaying your unique greatness.



Am I fulfilling my unique purpose? Discovering and fulfilling your destiny is not a once-for-all experience. The ongoing pursuit of your life purpose to uniquely reflect and represent God on the earth is essentially what fulfilling your destiny is about.