Redeem. Recover. Restore.

Our Three-Fold Mission

Engage in spiritual advocacy for younger generations.

Restore personal identity foundations.

Inspire the pursuit of purpose.


“The need is the call.”  Bill Wilson

RIDM is a life application ministry focused on the restoration of personal identity foundations, the pursuit of purpose, and spiritual advocacy for younger generations.

The history of RIDM began before time got started.  It began in eternity when the eternal God, our Heavenly Father, looked out into time and saw the crisis of identity that his family of human offspring would face.  He chose, designed and finished both the solution and the carrier of the solution before the foundation of the earth; then He birthed the carrier and set the appointed time for the physical manifestation of the solution.   Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.”

RIDM is a phenomenon whose time has come!

I came to this earth carrying the seed for this real identity solution.  My parents didn’t know it, and for most of my life, I was also unaware of this divine destiny.  However, our ignorance did not hinder God’s plans and purposes.  Today, with confident assurance I can say that every single thing I have experienced since my “earth day” (the day of conception when my spirit was released from its heavenly place and conceived in my mother’s womb) has prepared me for this mission.


Real Identity Discovery Ministries
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New Book

Recover Your Blessing Birthright

Can you imagine a future where silence does not leave children to figure out who they really are and their purpose for being alive?

. . . a future where deep wounds inflicted by ill-spoken words are not left to fester and later erupt as emotional and physical violence?

. . . a future in which the mainstay of our lives, from the womb to the end of our days, is the spoken blessing that legitimizes our existence, anchors us in unconditional love, and imparts to us treasures of belonging, security, significance, value, dignity and so much more?

. . . a future where we live in a culture saturated with the power of the spoken blessing and we faithfully exercise our God-given authority as blessing ambassadors?

  • Discover the missing “something” that thoroughly satisfies hungry hearts.
  • Recover the family blessings that God intended you to receive to empower you for a fulfilling journey through life.
  • Receive the anointing of your heavenly Father’s Blessing Mantle.
  • Develop the spiritual art of blessing your life, your family and wider community with the gift of your words.
  • Be the agent of transformation that God has ordained you to become.

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